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CrossFit Games Athlete Fee Saghafi on Taking Things Personally

Episode Summary

Fee Saghafi takes us through her journey in Crossfit, the challenges she faced at the Mid-Atlantic Qualifiers, and why she's taking it personally that others have "taken her lunch money."

Episode Notes

“When you get to that elite level, it comes down to who wants it more. And the people that stand on the podium, the people that earn their Games bids in my eyes, are the people that wanted it the most. And yeah. I want it. But I'm going to do my damn best to earn it as well. And now that I'm taking things a lot more personally than before, I'm excited. I'm fired up.”

Today's guest is Fee Saghafi, 2x CrossFit Games competitor.

Fee has so much energy to share and we’re so excited for you to get some of that energy from our conversation with her today. We loved chatting with Fee about everything from her journey into CrossFit, how tight knit the CrossFit community is and what being part of this community means to her. To say this was an inspirational conversation is an understatement! 

Fee was courageous and kind enough to share the story behind one of the most challenging moments a professional athlete can face - training for a big competition only to have an unexpected obstacle derail your performance. She openly talks about her experience with getting sick going into the Mid-Atlantic Competition just a few weeks ago and how hard it was for her to get through it and still finish 7th place. We learn from her that adverse situations can actually be the thing you need to activate the warrior within you and find another level of competitiveness to do more than you previously thought possible. 

Without a doubt this conversation is going to get you fired up no matter what sport you do. 

Show Notes

(3:24) Coaching at Crossfit Mentality…

(5:27) Taking the stress out of your day and owning your wellness… Life after Covid…

(8:06) “So it's really cool to be able to see how a workout or how a session could be modified and changed in many different ways. So that no matter what, you're starting strong, you're finishing stronger, you're always walking away, challenged.”

(8:47) How the Crossfit journey started…

(10:17) The Mid-Atlantic Crossfit Challenge…

(11:55) When things don’t go as planned…

(18:14) “A little silver lining in that weekend, of it not going my way... because one of the things that I really love, Scott and I train a lot and it's not just about training. We have time to reflect on our training. Maybe things that don't go our way... and one of the things that he said a while ago that resonated with me was like you can't program adversity. It either happens or it doesn’t.”

(19:56) How to handle an event when you’re not feeling well…

(23:30) Fuel for the next opportunity…

(25:10) “Everything happens for a reason… When you choose to learn from it, you create the reason. You define what that reason is.” Bryan

(28:02) Chasing after lunch money…

(32:20) The athlete she is today compared to when she started…

(37:06) Walking through the progression…

(43:50) “So it was just very little by little, and you start to realize that it's very little details that actually add up to that big picture. And that makes the biggest difference.”

(44:41) What’s your WHY?


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