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CrossFit Champion Scott Panchik on Mental Fortitude & Training for the Unpredictable

Episode Summary

We speak with Scott Panchik, 8x Crossfit Games competitor, about his approach to competition, why suffering in the gym prepares you for challenges in life, and how we can train for the unpredictable.

Episode Notes

Today's guest is Scott Panchik, 8x CrossFit Games competitor.

Scott is one of the fittest people on the planet and after speaking with him for about an hour or so, it’s apparent that he didn’t get there by accident. The origin of his mindset and approach to competition, to health, to family and to business stems from his ability to embrace suffering. In fact, he has this saying that I absolutely love, “suffering for the greater good of wellness.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that when it comes to describing Scott’s mentality and what fuels his efforts to be his best in all facets of life. 

We dive into Scott’s approach to competition, his business and how he’s building a global community of people from all walks of life who are optimizing their efforts to reach their full potential. Scott has a personal story and unique insights that will get you pumped up to embrace any challenge life will throw your way. So buckle up and get ready for an amazing conversation. 

Show Notes

(5:30) What’s the definition of Crossfit?

(6:47) Scott’s first introduction to Crossfit…

(9:52) First Crossfit competition… “I told my parents, “Hey, I want to open up a CrossFit gym. I want to do this full-time. I love everything there is about this.”

(12:00) Scott expands on the phrase, “suffering for the greater good of wellness.”

(15:00) Parallels between being on a team and the Crossfit environment... “If you are someone who played any type of sport growing up and you walk into a CrossFit gym, that'll be the first thing you notice is it feels like a sport.”

(21:24) Facing the challenge of training for the unpredictable…

(25:10) “It was like the biggest breath of fresh air that I've probably ever had in the sport. And I worked probably harder than I ever have because I was working for a team, and I don't want to let my team down.”

(28:10) Getting out of comfort zones to cause change to happen…

(30:40) The value in finding a coach and what mental fortitude means to Scott…

(32:20) Competing with a ruptured plantar fascia and the encouragement from a supportive wife…

(38:16) “Doing CrossFit, it's other-worldly. But what you take away from that is you now know that you are tough enough, man, to show up in other areas of your life because you went through something that gave you the ability to do that.”—Jon Rankin

(38:55) Game-changers for building endurance…

(44:32) A piece of advice for other athletes…


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