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Marathoner and Podcaster Tina Muir on Running's Meaning in Our Lives

Episode Summary

Tina joins us to talk about how we can use running to find meaning in our lives, from the goals we pursue, the conversations we have, and the causes we choose to dedicate ourselves to.

Episode Notes

“I think running is a vehicle for conversations, which we've learned with Running Realized. But also, it is a way that runners get stuff done. We are determined, and focused, and committed. And so I think there's a lot of potential there for our community."

Today's guest is Tina Muir, former elite marathoner and host of the Running for Real and Running Realized podcasts.

Today’s episode with Tina was special for a few reasons. One - Tina has become a very important voice in the running community. So we feel very lucky to spend time with her to chat about her journey as a runner and how the sport fits into her life today. And two - I’m having this conversation solo. My co-host, Bryan Green, couldn’t join us because he’s in another time zone over in Sendai, Japan. (Don’t worry Bryan, I got this!)

Lessons and tips seem to just roll off the top of her head as she speaks about her running experiences. Our exploration of the meaning of running in her life today and the role goals can play in your own running are what stand out for me from our chat. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get to know Tina as a mother, runner and activist through her two podcast shows, Running for Real and Running Realized

In this one-on-one conversation, I hope you’ll discover something meaningful that helps you enjoy your running just a little bit more. Oh, and if you’re running the New York City Marathon, Tina will be there running the race too!

Show Notes:

(4:11) New York City Marathon and a 50K…

(6:32) Handling transitions in running and life…

(11:27) Stressing yourself out for stress sake…

(14:00) “I love where I'm at right now, and it is very much anti-goals, in a lot of ways.”

(18:37) “I promise you there is a way of doing special things--especially if you've got years of training under your belt--without that intensity, that, yes, sucks away so much of the enjoyment of the process.”

(21:14) Why the longer distances?

(26:25) Remembering what community is like…

(27:45) The great conversations in Running For Real and Running Realized…

(33:08) “Not everyone has to be as fired up about climate action as I am. But runners have the opportunity to pick something that is meaningful to them and really make change happen.”

(35:33) What are Together Runs?

(39:05) Being a mom of two girls…

(47:39) What’s one piece of advice you would share with your audience?


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