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UFC Director of Strength and Conditioning Bo Sandoval on the Foundations of Elite Performance

Episode Summary

Learn from an elite trainer working with the top athletes in the world. Bo shares how to build your mindset to reach the next level, the crucial nature of consistency in life, why all training should be intentional and nuanced, and much more!

Episode Notes

“How many times have you stepped inside the cage and said to yourself, ‘I feel 100% physically ready to go’?” - Bo Sandoval

Today's guest is Bo Sandoval, Director of Strength & Conditioning for the UFC Performance Institute.

During this conversation, we dive into how Bo handles the responsibility of working with 600 of the best male and female fighters in the world and convincing them he knows how to make them better. If you think professional fighters are mentally tough, imagine how mentally tough you have to be to train them. 

Without a doubt, our conversation with Bo left us realizing that the coaches and trainers have to be at the same level mentally as their athletes if they want to help them reach their full potential.

Show Notes

(3:40) What takes place at the UFC Performance Institute and an overview of Bo’s role there.

(7:24) “Attitude reflects leadership is 100% true.” Developing a gentleman’s sport—evolving the UFC brand…

(11:44) Building a mindset that propels athletes to the next level…

(16:25) The crucial nature of consistency in all life accounts.

(19:15) All training is intentional and nuanced to the individual athlete and their goals.

(23:05) Every workout must have a purpose.

(24:24) I ask a simple question. “How many times have you stepped inside the cage and said to yourself, ‘I feel 100% physically ready to go’?”

(28:45) The impact of behaviors on being a full-time athlete…

(34:50) “Being able to look ahead of my training today... Then I'll reap the rewards tomorrow. That kind of thing, that takes a skill that's called foresight. And most elite athletes don't have that today.”

(38:10) Embracing the basics…

(43:12) The MMA “fighting for life” mentality…

(47:30) “I think if you can really drill down and tunnel vision, like an individual competitor, like a fighter, I think that could be beneficial to any athlete.” What we can learn from MMA fighters... 


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